Lag Cheater on PES – How to Report

How to Report a Lag Cheater

A lag cheater is the most renowned form of cheating on PES. It is where your opponent is losing and they manipulate the connection so it disconnects (worsened signal) and the game becomes void.

Please do not report players leaving the game early, sporadic lags in connection (it happens) or players whose tactics annoy you.

We have now removed the form to report lag cheaters on as Konami are taking the reports now. We hope that our campaign to highlight lag cheaters, and make the PES community aware of who they are, has contributed to Konami taking those lag cheaters seriously and hopefully rectifying the problem for PES 2017.

Please send all reports of cheaters to

Make sure to include the following:

  • Platform (Console it occurred on)
  • Date/TYPE of incident (i.e. lag cheat to worsen the signal resulting in a void game)
  • Your player name (PSN ID, etc)
  • Your opponent’s player name
  • Any other information that may be helpful

Do not include any attachments.

Of course you can also report lag cheaters to our Twitter page HERE to make sure the PES community are aware also.