PES 2016 – Cheaters List

Below is the list of online PES 2016 cheaters (with evidence). Share, report, block and do whatever you can to stop them ruining PES.

We have found from personal experience playing PES, that cheaters, specifically people making the game lag out when they are losing, ruin the game. As a result it is a key focus of ours to eliminate this from Pro Evolution Soccer entirely. Any time this happens to you let us know so we can add the cheater to the list.

For the record if you someone is hacking you or disconnects where you get the win this does not constitute cheating. It is only when the game is intentionally lagged out, in order to void the game which costs you the win, that cheating has occurred.

Gamer IDConsoleVideo Link
0nrbk7 PC
adidas-pro PC
ahmedy10 PS4
Al_patsino_28 PS4
AlexChande PC
antuano82 PS3
B2333F PS4
bibrahim78 PS4
boixNoi-1899FCB PS4
checco77ve PS4
chimeninho PS4
DokoLibra86 PS4
eld1978 PS4
elrubiet PS4
emadyakoop90 PS4
F22Reguera PS4
henry3001 PS4
Honzo69 PS4
II Mad Maxii II Xbox One
illoillojuanillo PS4
iNight_Wolf1983 PS4
iterenci PS4
JarJar_R3B0Rn PS4
jjleon2 PS4
Jordi_masia25 PS4
junglist1875 PS4
king_madrid5 PS4
king_madrid5 PS4
king4everrich PS4
LordXBrazil PS4
lucqetto PS4
Lycanthrope_13 PS4
manjo1976 PS4
OM-kratos-OM PS4
omy-- PS4
PaoloCrazy81 PS4
pardeep879 PS4
rakaf98 PS4
roge87255 PS4
SASAN92 Xbox One
simo_AP PS4
stecama1982 PS4
Sugarfaraz PS4
SuperAngel69 Xbox One
svbkicker93 PS4
Sxard PS4
tanor6 PS3
tjnp_pl PS4
Unbeatable_786 PS4
YOSF-1994-q8 PS4